Automatically install & configure Wordpress Blog, Theme, Plugins and Posts. Wordpress Installer will DO IT ALL for you in just a FEW SECONDS


Installs Wordpress blog for you

You just need to provide domain name and hosting account details to WordpressInstaller and it will install blog for you!

Configures your blog with optimal settings

Just installing blog is not enough. There are lots of things has to be taken care of for best performance like configure permalink structure (for SEO performance), turn off comments and trackbacks (to prevent spam on your blog), delete default 'Hello World' post, delete 'About' page, set default category name and slug, delete default blogroll links (to minimize Outbound Links)

Installs random theme

Anybody would not like to see a blog with default wordpress theme, it looks like no one is paying attention to this blog. WordpressInstaller will pick a random theme and install it on your blog so your blog looks cool!

Installs & Configures plugins

Wordpress blog is incompelte without appropriate plugins. Plugins add tons of functionalities to Wordpress blog and makes your blog powerful. Just select plugins which you want to install and WordpressInstaller will install those plugins for you, it will also configure plugin with optimal settings. We have prepared list of good plugins to install from and continiously adding new on your demand. Doesn't that impress you??

Provides EASY Blog Management

WordpressInstaller will let you manage your blogs easily. You can upgrade your Wordpress core to latest version, upgrade plugins to latest version, change theme, post to blog - all these with JUST ONE CLICK. You can also add your existing blogs to your account to manage them easily withour requiring you to login to each blog individually.

Mass Blog Installer

Want to setup 100s of blogs in few minutes? We have mass blog installer feature to install and configure more than one blog at once.. You can enter details of all blogs which you want to install and BANG!! All of blogs will be ready in just few minutes.

Platform Independent

You may access all functionalities using any web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera. So it's completely PLATFORM INDEPENDENT. You can use it on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Highly Secure

All your data is encrypted with very strong Rijndae encryption before storing (if you choose to store details with us)
All communication with our server is protected by RapidSSL's upto 256bit encryption

Updating Daily

The best feature of WordpressInstaller is, it's a web application. We are keen on making this application highly useful to you, and we release new updates daily when required & You can utilize updated features without requiring you to do anything at your end.

COMING SOON: Complete Auto Blog Setup

Yes, you are reading it right. WordpressInstaller will also setup complete Auto Blog for you - which includes good rewritten content for your blog, post affiliate product ad, post videos from youtube. So you don't have to do anything to make your blog an EARNING BLOG.
WordpressInstaller will Install & Configure wordpress blog, theme, plugins and LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, Auto Blog. So your blog is completely AUTO DRIVEN. You can just relax and earn beautiful $$$$.

So, What are you waiting for?

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